Thursday, March 13, 2008

Breast-feeding seen to curb type 2 diabetes later

Breast-feeding seen to curb type 2 diabetes later - Yahoo! News:
"'Dramatic increases in childhood obesity and the emergence
of type 2 diabetes in youth motivate research to identify
lifestyle approaches to primary prevention of both conditions,'
write Dr. Elizabeth J. Mayer-Davis of the
University of South
Carolina, Columbia
, and colleagues...The breast-feeding rate was lower in subjects with type 2 diabetes compared with the control subjects, at 20 versus 27 percent in African Americans; 50 versus 84 percent for Hispanics; and 39 percent versus 78 percent for non-Hispanic whites, respectively....Regardless of ethnic group, further analysis indicated that the protective effect of breast feeding against type 2 diabetes was in large part attributable to its effect in moderating current childhood weight.Nonetheless, breast-feeding in itself had a protective effect..."

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