Monday, April 28, 2008

Study shows daycare may protect kids from leukemia

Study shows daycare may protect kids from leukemia - Yahoo! News/Reuters
"...children who attended daycare or playgroups have a 30 percent lower risk of developing the most common form of childhood leukemia compared to those who do not...the review of 14 studies showed children who started daycare at age 1 or 2 had the most protection...The study did not identify how social contact may guard against leukemia but it adds to evidence that children exposed to infections early in life somehow gain protection against the rare disease, Buffler said. Scientists believe two things must happen for most types of childhood cancer. The first is some kind of genetic mutation that a child is born with followed by a trigger in childhood such as an infection that results in the disease, she added."This is just more evidence pointing to the role that some type of infection early in life could stimulate the immune system,"..."

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