Monday, June 11, 2007

Milk now ok with tea?

Tea—Milking It Science News 6/2/07 "...Janet A.M. Kyle and her colleagues at the Rowett Research Institute purchased different teas from local stores, brewed them up, and then assayed their antioxidant activity. In a paper published online and in an upcoming Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they report finding some brand-related differences in the inherent antioxidant activity of a brew. The good news: Adding milk doesn't alter that activity. ...they found, adding milk to tea doesn't diminish the amount of antioxidants—such as the epigallocatechin gallate, which many commercial teas tout as EGCG—that ends up in tea-drinkers' blood. So, it appears one can safely boost the protein content of your brew, by adding milk, without sacrificing tea's antioxidant bounty... "

Although milk may bind to quercetin and kaempferol, in this study it doesn't appear to diminish antioxidant activity in the body. Another larger study should put this debate to rest. I'm hoping that milk proves to be ok, because I've been missing it in my tea.

Earlier research found that the caseins in milk bound up the catechins in tea so that the cardiovascular benefit of tea was greatly minimized.

So who's right? Stay tuned.

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