Thursday, June 7, 2007

Prenatal vitamins cut childhood cancers

Moms' prenatal vitamins cut childhood cancers Reuters/Yahoo!News 7/7/07 "Women who take multivitamins before and during pregnancy apparently reduce the chances that their offspring will develop certain types of childhood tumors...taking a multivitamin before and in early pregnancy reduced the risk of childhood leukemia by 36 percent...also associated with a 47 percent reduced risk of neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor arising in nerve tissue, and a 27 percent decreased risk of childhood brain tumors...Koren's team suspects that folic-acid containing multivitamins in particular are behind the decrease in these childhood cancers, but "the available data do not allow determination of which of the constituent(s) may cause these protective effects."Nonetheless, they conclude: "Given that women who are considering pregnancy are generally advised to supplement with folic acid, the results from this study suggest that supplementation with a folic acid-containing multivitamin may be a preferred method.""

Along with this don't forget the choline for even greater health of child - and a smarter child.

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