Monday, July 16, 2007

Curcumin fights Alzheimer's

Curry ingredient may fight Alzheimer's Reuters/Yahoo!News 7/16/07 "...An ingredient in curry may help stimulate immune system cells that gobble up the brain-clogging proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease...isolated bisdemethoxycurcumin and determined it was the most active ingredient in curcumin...Using blood samples from Alzheimer's patients, they found that bisdemethoxycurcumin boosted immune cells called macrophages to clear a protein called amyloid beta, which clogs the brains of Alzheimer's patients and kills brain is not clear if people can eat enough curcumin to get this level of activity, but said bisdemethoxycurcumin was active at a level that could easily be achieved by infusion...studies have suggested that people who eat a lot of curry may be less prone to cancer and Alzheimer's, but whether curry is responsible is unclear...Our results may provide an entirely different direction to therapeutic opportunities in Alzheimer's disease through the repair of the functional and transcriptional deficits of Alzheimer's disease macrophages by curcuminoids,"..."

India has one of the lowest rates of Alzheimer's of any country (4.4 times less than U.S.). It has been known for years that curcumin played a large role in this. They aren't getting infusions... they're just eating turmeric often. So you guess where the research is heading.

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