Thursday, July 12, 2007

Personality type and health

Shy guys 'could face heart risk' 7/11/07 BBC News "Being the life and soul of the party may cut your chances of a fatal heart or stroke, research suggests. ...A 30-year study by Chicago Northwestern University suggested shy or antisocial men were 50% more likely to die this way, compared with outgoing men...The Annals of Epidemiology study supports other work suggesting a link between personality and health...The shyest group of men were 50% more likely to have died from heart attack or stroke than the group of most sociable men...Decades of research suggest there is only one personality type which is not linked to an increase risk of serious disease...Easy going people - so-called type "B" personalities - appear to be the healthiest...Type "A" personalities - driven workaholics prone to stress and anger, are more likely to suffer high blood pressure and heart disease, while Type "C" people, who suppress their feelings, have been connected to an increased risk of cancer...Other research projects have connected Type "D" people, pessimists with low self-confidence, with heart attack or stroke... "

That's it, I'm going to be an extrovert that doesn't give a damn about anything. Flip aside, moderating unhealthy personality traits is possible. The question is how much can you moderate and what kind of health benefits might you gain? And would you gain similar health benefits if you had a super healthy lifestyle - ate healthy, exercised almost every day etc. - but didn't change your personality?

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