Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Food additives may cause hyperactivity

Food additives may cause hyperactivity: study - Yahoo! News
"Certain artificial food colorings and other additives can worsen hyperactive behaviors in children aged 3 to 9...Tests on more than 300 children showed significant differences in their behavior when they drank fruit drinks spiked with a mixture of food colorings and preservatives, Jim Stevenson and colleagues at the University of Southampton said..."These findings show that adverse effects are not just seen in children with extreme hyperactivity (such as ADHD) but can also be seen in the general population and across the range of severities of hyperactivity,"...They included sunset yellow coloring, also known as E110; carmoisine, or E122; tartrazine, or E102; ponceau 4R, or E124; the preservative sodium benzoate, or E211; and other colors..."The implications of these results for the regulation of food additive use could be substantial," the researchers concluded..."

Of course food additives can do much worse than cause hyperactivity. Earlier this year research revealed that sodium benzoate can switch off vital parts of DNA.

Center for Science in the Public Interest - List of food additives and safety ratings on each.

BBC on this topic May 2007
BBC on the same topic in 2002

CNN list of common food additives

Want a full list of E numbers? Wiki has them all. "E numbers are codes for food additives and are usually found on food labels throughout the European Union... They are increasingly (though rarely) found on North American packaging... "

Another comprehensive list of food additives here.

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