Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nestle points towards future of cocoa research

Nestle points towards future of cocoa research
"...The reviewers point out that we have yet to determine exactly how much chocolate and what type is necessary to obtain potential health benefits...Previous studies have also identified that about 40 grams per day of chocolate as a relevant amount to infer benefits, but this needs confirmation from additional studies..."In addition, the composition of the cocoa or chocolate must be carefully defined with regard to the proportions of polyphenols in the monomeric, oligomeric and polymeric forms, as well as the concentrations of the fats, sugars and other components such as proteins from milk solids," wrote Cooper et al."..."One way for industry (and academia) to improve transparency of ongoing human trials would be to formally register with one of the public domain agencies, such as with the National Institutes of Health, at the beginning of any study. The advantage is that a null or negative study would still be public knowledge, and this could help bring more balance to this area of research," they added..."

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