Friday, February 15, 2008

Dirty air may lower kids IQ

Kids who live in neighborhoods with heavy traffic pollution have lower IQs - Yahoo News/Reuters
"The effect of pollution on intelligence was similar to that seen in children whose mothers smoked 10 cigarettes a day while pregnant, or in kids who have been exposed to lead...The more heavily exposed children were to black carbon, the lower were their scores on several intelligence tests... heavy exposure to black carbon was linked to a 3.4-point drop in IQ, on average. Heavily exposed children also scored lower on tests of vocabulary, memory and learning...traffic pollution may exert harmful effects by causing inflammation and oxidative damage to the brain..."

Prenatal ways to boost your child's intelligence here.

Choline and fish oil supplements are still beneficial to children's intellectual development, along with exercise and a healthy diet of fruits and veggies. Educational efforts like the Abecedarian (0-5yrs) method can boost intelligence and life outcomes.

Don't let the folks say you can't do anything if you can't move from a highly polluted area.

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