Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'Weight Training' Reduces Fat And Improve Metabolism In Mice

'Weight Training' Reduces Fat And Improve Metabolism In Mice ScienceDaily
"... the use of barbells may be as important to losing weight and improving health as the use of running shoes...The discovery builds upon the fact that skeletal muscle consists of two types of fibers. Endurance training such as running increases the amount of type I muscle fibers, while resistance training such as weightlifting increases type II muscle fibers. Using a mouse genetic model, BUSM researchers demonstrated that an increase in type II muscle mass can reduce body fat which in turn reduces overall body mass and improves metabolic parameters such as insulin resistance..."Beyond the age of thirty, humans lose approximately 6 lbs of muscle mass per decade. Surprisingly, aging individuals predominantly lose type II muscle."...the beneficial effects of muscle growth seen in the MyoMouse are mediated through the production and secretion of a variety of signaling factors...These new proteins, referred to as "myokines" from the Greek words "muscle" and "motion,"..."

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