Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cranberries, probiotics may fight ulcer-causing bacteria in children

Cranberries, probiotics may fight ulcer-causing bacteria in children:
" Cranberry juice or probiotics clear the stomach of children of a bacterial strain known to cause ulcers and cancer...Helicobacter pylori...Gotteland and co-workers recruited the children, aged between six and 16, and randomly assigned them to one of four groups: placebo juice plus heat-killed La1 (control), cranberry juice plus La1 (CB/La1), placebo juice plusLa1 (La1), and cranberry juice plus heat-killed La1 (CB). The cranberry juice (200 ml, Cran Chile) and La1 (80ml, Chamyto, Nestlé Chile SA), or placebo versions were given daily for three weeks...A significant reduction in H. pylori was observed all three active groups, with the La1, CB, and CB/La1 groups showing eradication rates of 14.9, 16.9, and 22.9 per cent, compared to only 1.5 per cent in the control group..."

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