Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Red wine compound, Resveratrol, seen protecting heart from aging

Red wine compound seen protecting heart from aging - Yahoo! News
"...These mice experienced changes in their gene activity related to aging in a way very similar to mice that were placed on a so-called calorie restriction diet that slows the aging process by greatly cutting dietary energy intake...Most striking was how the resveratrol, like calorie restriction, blocked the decline in heart function typically associated with aging, according to Tomas Prolla, a University of Wisconsin professor of genetics...in this study, mice were given relatively low doses compared to the earlier research, and still experienced important aging-related benefits...They looked at the heart, brain and muscles, and said that the effect of resveratrol was strongest in the heart but did prevent some aging-related changes in the other tissues...Prolla said, "I think there's a high likelihood that our findings are applicable to humans."..."

Full study here

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