Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Possible cause of children's bad behavior - genes

Parents' Genes, Not Parents' Arguing, May Cause Children's Conduct Problems ScienceDaily 2/7/07 "A group of researchers from the University of Virginia and several other universities looked at this question, studying 1,045 twins and their 2,051 children. Some of the parents were identical twins and shared all of their genes and some were fraternal and shared only half of their genes. The study found that parents' fighting is not likely a cause of children's conduct problems. On the other hand, parents' genes influenced how often they argued with their spouses and these same genes, when passed to their children, caused more conduct problems. ..."This study suggests that marital conflict is not a major culprit, but genes are," said K. Paige Harden, the lead researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. "Our findings have potential implications for treating conduct problems: Focusing on a child's parents, as is common in family therapy, may not be as effective as focusing on the child." ..."

No genes are implicated, rather this is a twin study - identical vs fraternal. Which can be an good model to read the nature % vs nurture % influence - if the study is done well.

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