Monday, February 26, 2007

Prenatal multivitamins reduce childhood cancers

prenatal multivitamins reduces risk of childhood cancers PRNewsWire/SickKids 2/21/07 "taking prenatal multivitamins fortifiedwith folic acid can reduce the risk of three common childhood cancers:leukemia, brain tumours and neuroblastoma..."Our research indicates that a large proportion of several earlychildhood cancers can be prevented by taking a prenatal multivitamin beforeand during pregnancy," said Dr. Gideon Koren...prenatal supplementation of multivitaminscontaining folic acid is associated with a 47 per cent protective effectfor neuroblastoma, 39 per cent for leukemia and 27 per cent protectiveeffect for brain tumours. While other studies have investigated the effectof prenatal vitamins on rates of paediatric tumours, this is the firstsystematic review and meta-analysis of prenatal multivitamin use before andduring early pregnancy and its protective effect for several paediatriccancers...Additional research is required to determine which components of aprenatal multivitamin provide protective effect for paediatric cancers andwhether any of the protective effects can be attributed to folic acid. Aprevious study by Motherisk found that prenatal multivitamins fortifiedwith folic acid can reduce the risk of a wide range of serious congenitaldefects..."

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