Tuesday, July 8, 2008

8 Burning Questions About Sunscreens

8 Burning Questions About Sunscreens: WebMD
"Two ingredients favored by EWG scientists are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, for two reasons, Sutton says. 'They protect us over this broad range of ultraviolet A (UVA) and UVB.' And these ingredients don't tend to break down as easily as other sunscreen ingredients, according to the EWG...

Sutton thinks some ingredients are definitely hazardous, including oxybenzone. "We have animal studies that indicate we should be concerned about hormone disruption," she says. "Oxybenzone is found to have weak estrogenic effects in fish."

What some experts suspect happens is that the body interprets the presence of the chemical as some sort of hormone. "It could be turning on or off certain functions," she says. "The hormonal balance is becoming disrupted."

In laboratory studies, some sunscreen ingredients, including Padimate-O and Ensulizole, have been linked to cell mutations that can be linked to cancer, Sutton says."


Sunscreens Can Damage Skin, Researchers Find:ScienceDaily (Aug. 29, 2006)
"three UV filters (octylmethoxycinnamate, benzophenone-3 and octocrylene), which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and widely used in sunscreens, generate ROS in skin themselves when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, thus augmenting the ROS that is naturally produced. The researchers note that the additional ROS are generated only when the UV filters have penetrated into the skin and, at the same time, sunscreen has not been reapplied to prevent ultraviolet radiation from reaching these filters."

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