Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Omega 3 fatty acids improves girls intelligence

Smart Girls Eat Fish -- Gibbons 2008 (620): 3 -- ScienceNOW:
"Girls who eat more omega-3 fatty acids outsmart those who eat higher amounts of omega-6 fatty acids...girls who ate more omega-3 scored significantly better on four cognitive tests, including an IQ test...the effect is "twice as great in girls as in boys," says Lassek. That disparity suggests that evolution has favored girls who stow omega-3 fats on their lower bodies. The team, which presented its findings earlier this month at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society meeting in Kyoto, Japan, also found that omega-6 fatty acids interfere with cognition, because girls who ate more of these oils didn't perform as well...Deficiency in omega-3 intake in modern diets is associated with an increased risk of violence, major depression, suicide, and bipolar disorder," says Hibbeln, so seeing a connection to another aspect of brain function makes sense, particularly because neurons use fatty acids to build axons. Most important, he says, is the omega-6 finding. "The big change in the Western diet of the past 100 years is a massive increase in the dietary intake of omega-6 fatty acids,"..."

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