Monday, July 7, 2008

Early nutrition pays off years later

Nutritious porridge pays off years later - Yahoo! News:
"For eight years beginning in 1969, a trial was conducted in four villages located in Guatemala's northeast Highlands where hundreds of villagers were provided a protein-rich, sweetened porridge while others received a sugary flavored beverage with no nutritional value... "The impact of being exposed to the better nutrition in the first two years of life had an impact on performance on these tests roughly equivalent to the impact that an additional year of schooling would have had,"...The porridge-eaters were also taller by an average of 0.8 inches (2 cms)... A similar study published in February found the nutritious porridge given to Guatemalan boys aged 3 and younger paid dividends later, with their hourly earnings as adults 46 percent higher than those who did not get the protein diet... It was also possible that the added nutrition boosted physical development of their brains, but the researchers had no evidence of that..."

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