Saturday, August 23, 2008

Plant-based flavonoids may cut ovarian cancer risk

Plant-based flavonoids may cut ovarian cancer risk - Yahoo! News:
"women with the highest flavonol intake were 37 percent less likely to have ovarian cancer than women with the lowest flavonol intake...High intake of isoflavones cut ovarian cancer risk by 49 percent...Isoflavones are found in tea and soy foods, both of which have been linked to a lower ovarian cancer risk, possibly due to isoflavones' estrogen-blocking effects, Rossi and her colleagues note...Flavonols are found in many fruits and vegetables, they add. Adjusting the findings for women's fruit and vegetable intake didn't change the relationship between flavonol intake and ovarian cancer risk, the researchers note, suggesting that "flavonols may have a distinct role in explaining the effect of fruit and vegetable against ovarian cancer.""

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