Friday, August 10, 2007

Bacterial load doesn't seem to alter lifespan

Bacteria 'do not cut short life' BBC News 8/10/07 "...It has been thought that the immune system response provoked by even harmless bacteria speeds up the ageing process by using up vital energy. But a study of fruit flies kept in a bacteria-free environment showed they did not outlive their grubby siblings...The researchers admit their experiment cannot be replicated in higher organisms, which need bacteria for proper digestion and other functions. But they said the result in flies still may be relevant to human ageing research...Lead researcher Dr Steven Finkel said: "I think a lot of people would just assume that if you're increasing bacterial load in an ageing human, it must be bad. "It might not just be bad, it just might be. Prior to this study, I would not have thought that."... "

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