Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keep your eye on infectious diseases

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WHO warns of global epidemic risk BBC NEWS 2007.08.23

"Infectious diseases are spreading faster than ever before, the World Health Organization annual report says...Since the 1970s, 39 new diseases have developed, and in the last five years alone, the WHO has identified more than 1,100 epidemics including cholera, polio and bird flu...These include bird flu, Sars, also Ebola, Marburg and Nipah viruses...
Flu pandemic could affect more than 1.5 billion people or 25% of world population...
Comeback by cholera, yellow fever and epidemic meningococcal disease in the last quarter of the 20th Century...
685 verified events of international public health concern from September 2003 to September 2006...Growth of anti-microbial resistance, notably drug-resistant TB..."

The Who Report

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