Friday, October 26, 2007

Grapefruit juice and anti-cancer properties

Grapefruit juice gets anti-cancer fillip -
"Grapefruit juice and its active components, furocoumarins, may inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the activation of compounds into cancer-causing compounds...Recently, American and Chinese researchers reported that one specific flavonoid, naringenin, has anti-cancer effects beyond that of an antioxidant (Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, Vol. 17, pp. 89-95)..Another study from Israeli scientists reported that eating a red grapefruit daily could lower blood cholesterol by 15 per cent (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, doi:10.1021/jf058171g)...enzyme inhibiting effects of seven different grapefruit and pummelo juices, in addition to five furocoumarins isolated from grapefruit juice - paradisin A, dihydroxybergamottin, bergamottin, bergaptol, and geranylcoumarin...paradisin A was reported to be the most active inhibitor amongst the furocoumarins. This was followed by dihydroxybergamottin, bergamottin, bergaptol, and geranylcoumarin, respectively. "Inhibition of cytochrome P450 enzymes by grapefruit juices and its furocoumarins offers some clinical advantages in improving bioavailability of poorly absorbed drugs and reduce the dose requirements and ultimately reducing the cost and harnessing the health benefits of consuming grapefruit juice,"... "

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Anonymous said...

Sure, as long as you are male. If you are female, it's a different story.
Cytochrome 450s tend to break down hormones. Grapefruit gets rid of cytochrome 450s, thus causing an increase of hormonal activitys, which can apperently cause cancer. In men, failing to break testosterone down is apperently better for prostate cancer.