Monday, May 5, 2008

Eating tomatoes is the best way to avoid sunburn and wrinkles

Eating tomatoes is the best way to avoid sunburn and wrinkles - Health News, Health & Wellbeing - The Independent:
"...volunteers who ate helpings of ordinary tomato paste over a 12-week period developed skin that was less likely to burn in the sun...subjects were 33 per cent more protected against sunlight...Changes were also seen within the skin of the volunteers that counteract the appearance of ageing...antioxidant, lycopene, which gives tomatoes their colour, can neutralise harmful molecules produced in skin exposed to the sun's ultra-violet rays...research has shown that cooked tomatoes contain higher levels of lycopene than raw tomatoes...Skin levels of procollagen, which helps the skin stay supple and youthful, were also boosted by the tomato diet...lycopene reduced sun damage to mitochondrial DNA in the skin – DNA in tiny powerplants in cells called mitochondria. Its disruption is also associated with skin ageing...Professor Lesley Rhodes, at Manchester University, said: "The tomato diet boosted the level of procollagen in the skin significantly. These increasing levels suggest potential reversal of the skin ageing process.""


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