Monday, May 5, 2008

Lifelong prebiotic supplements, inulin and oligofructose may enhance survival: rat study

Lifelong prebiotic supplements may enhance survival: rat study
"... Lifelong supplementation with the prebiotics inulin and oligofructose may extend lifespan by over 30 per cent...Male and female rats fed the prebiotic-containing diet (Orafti Synergy1) also had a lower body weight, cholesterol and plasma triacylglycerolaemia compared to rats fed the control diet, researchers ETAP...The study is reportedly the first time that increased survival rates of both male and female rats have been demonstrated after life-long supplementation with a prebiotic...In terms of survival, at 18 months of age, all the animals in the prebiotic group were still alive, compared to 76 per cent in the control group. After 24 months, 81 per cent of the rats in the prebiotic group were alive, compared to only 52 per cent of controls...The underlying mechanisms are still unknown, but suggestions centre on the beneficial alterations in the microbe populations in the large intestine, thereby improving digestive health which is vital to maintain overall health and well-being throughout life...It has previously been reported that the microbial ecology of the intestinal tract changes with age, with decreases in levels of beneficial bifidobacteria and increases in potentially harmful clostridia, streptococci and enterobacteria. Such changes may produce complications such as constipation, and increase the risk of developing diseases such as colitis or colon cancer."

Prebiotics -- The Key To Fewer Food Poisoning Stomach Upsets -- And Healthy Farm Animals: "ScienceDaily (Apr. 4, 2008) — Natural sugars found in breast milk that are now included in prebiotic foods may help in the fight against Salmonella and other food poisoning bacteria, scientists heard April 2, 2008 at the Society for General Microbiology's 162nd meeting."

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