Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Studies link lead to adult crime, brain damage

Studies link lead to adult crime, brain damage - Yahoo! News:
"Exposure to lead in early childhood or in the womb can cause permanent brain damage that may even cause criminal behavior, researchers reported on Tuesday...Two studies showed that people with high levels of lead in childhood grew up with blocks of missing brain cells -- and they also were far more likely to be arrested for crimes, especially violent crimes...The effect is so strong that it may account for a large percentage of crimes in inner-city areas, where old houses are far more likely to have lead paint, said Kim Dietrich of the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, who led one of the studies in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Medicine...Those with high lead levels before birth and during early childhood had higher rates of arrest than those with lower lead levels. About 55 percent of the now-grown children had at least one arrest, 28 percent involving drugs and 27 percent serious motor vehicle violations."..Lower income, inner-city children remain particularly vulnerable to lead exposure," Dietrich said...more than 1 percent of total gray matter in the brain was missing. "The most affected regions included frontal gray matter, specifically the anterior cingulate cortex," Cecil's team wrote in a second study. This region is responsible for mood regulation and decision-making.

Men were far more affected than women.

"Our findings also suggest that this structural change is permanent," they wrote.

The implications are profound, Dietrich said. "Usually the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible," he said..."

This is an unbelievably important story. If the research is correct, lead is clearly much worse than previously imagined in derailing proper brain development and function in a significant portion of our population. The next administration needs to make this a priority. And the press needs to make this story number #1 tomorrow and for the next few days. Will they?

More on lead -

Childhood Lead Exposure Is Associated With Decreased Brain Volume In Adults: ScienceDaily 2008.05.27 "...There was a "dose-response" effect--in other words, the greatest brain volume loss was seen in participants with the greatest lead exposure in childhood. The specific regions of the brain involved were those responsible for organizing actions, decisions, and behaviors (known as "executive functions"), regulating behaviors, and coordinating fine movements (known as "fine motor control")..."

Prenatal Exposure To Lead Linked To Obesity In Males: "ScienceDaily (Feb. 22, 2008)

Early Lead Exposure Impedes Recovery From Brain Injury: "ScienceDaily (Dec. 4, 2007)

How Lead Exposure Produces Learning Deficits: ScienceDaily (Apr. 4, 2007) "The study shows that exposure to levels of lead that are similar to those measured in lead-intoxicated children reduces the birth and survival of new neurons (neurogenesis) in the brain. Lead also alters the normal development of newly born neurons in a part of the brain (hippocampus) known to be important for learning and memory. The study is published in the March 30, 2007, issue of Neuroscience."

Stimulating Environment Protects Brain Against Damage From Lead Exposure: "ScienceDaily (Apr. 3, 2001)

Children More Vulnerable To Harmful Effects Of Lead: "ScienceDaily (May 5, 2008)

Very Low Lead Levels Linked With IQ Deficits, According To NEJM Study: "ScienceDaily (Apr. 17, 2003)

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Pitt Research Shows Early Lead Exposure Is A Significant Cause Of Juvenile Delinquency: "ScienceDaily (May 16, 2000)"

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Even Low Lead Exposure Linked To ADHD: "ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2007)"

Does vitamin C intake protect against lead toxicit...[Nutr Rev. 2000] - PubMed Result: "Department of Foods and Nutrition, Faculty of Gerontology, University of Georgia, Athens 30602, USA."

Chelation Therapy for Childhood Lead Poisoning:: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/organizations/DDIL/chelation.htm

Lead Poisoning-Topic Overview: WebMD

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