Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outdoor pools boost child's asthma risk

Outdoor pools boost child's asthma risk: study - Yahoo! News: 2008.09.24
" Swimming in outdoor chlorinated pools appears to increase the odds a child will develop asthma...Other studies have linked chlorine and asthma but the new findings published in the European Respiratory Journal cast doubt on the idea outdoor pools are safer than indoor ones where chlorine vapors remains trapped inside an enclosed space..."The more you swim, the higher the risk"...And because children tend to spend more time in pools they are more likely to swallow chlorinated water or ingest vapors containing chemicals that attack the cellular barriers protecting the lung from allergens...Children with the highest pool attendance -- one hour per week for 10 years -- were five times more likely to be asthmatic than young people who had never swum in a pool..."Young children are more exposed because they take more water into their airways and their lungs are still developing,"..."

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