Thursday, April 5, 2007

100-Year-Olds' Secret: Stay Aware

Keeping Up With the Times Is Key to Long Life, Centenarians Say WebMD 4/3/07 "The key to long life is a vivid interest in the world around you, a survey of 100-year-olds suggests...That means people born when Teddy Roosevelt was president are watching music videos, ordering at Starbucks, and even listening to iPods...Evercare's second annual telephone poll of 100 people aged 99 and older isn't a scientific study -- it's a snapshot of the attitudes of American 100-year-olds. Eighty-seven percent of survey respondents were white; 70% still lived at home; 95% were 100 or older; and 70% were women...
  • 31% of centenarians have watched reality TV shows.
  • 27% of centenarians have watched MTV or music videos.
  • 1 in 7 centenarians has played video games.
  • 68% of centenarians get their news from television, although 40% read newspapers.
  • 11% of centenarians have ordered from Starbucks.

When asked whom they most trust to tell the truth, 34% of centenarians chose their minister, rabbi, or priest -- just ahead of their doctor or nurse at 28%. The most poignant finding is that 100-year-olds value their memories more than their physical comfort. When asked what they would like to change the most, 34% said "better memory" while 27% said "less aches and pains.""

Definitely not scientific, just a survey, but not without a kernel of truth I think.

From wind up phonographs to iPods, it's fascinating to ponder the massive changes in life in the industrialized world in the last 100yrs. What I'd like to know is whether these centenarians have awe at the modern world, or do the changes merely blend into one another and seem rather blase over time?

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