Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Red meat vastly increases breast cancer risk

Older women who eat even small amounts of red meat are at significantly greater risk of developing breast cancer Guardian Unlimited 4/4/07 "Post-menopausal women who ate as little as 57g (2oz) of beef, pork or lamb a day had a 56% increased risk compared to those who ate none, according to researchers at the University of Leeds...also found that those who ate large amounts (more than 103 grams or 3.6 ounces) of processed meat a day, such as bacon, sausages or pies, had a 64% greater risk of developing the disease...also found that younger women slightly increased their risk if they ate red meat every day...the information on women's diets was collected nearly 10 years ago it was likely that many women had already improved their eating habits..."

Not a perfect study but another data point in the red meat causes cancer debate.

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