Friday, April 20, 2007

CREB protein key to memory storage

Researchers Unlock Key To Memory Storage In Brain ScienceDaily 4/20/07 "...a protein called CREB controls the odds of a neuron playing a role in memory formation..."Making a memory is not a conscious act," explained Alcino Silva, principal investigator ... "Learning triggers a cascade of chemicals in the brain that influence which memories are kept and which are lost..."Earlier studies have linked the CREB protein to keeping memories stable,"..."We discovered that the amount of CREB influences whether or not the brain stores a memory," said Silva. "If a cell is low in CREB, it is less likely to keep a memory. If the cell is high in CREB, it is more likely to store the memory."..."A memory is not a static snapshot," he said. "Memories serve a purpose. They are about acquiring information that helps us deal with similar situations in the future. What we recall helps us learn from our past experiences and better shape our lives.""

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