Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Vitamin K may reverse arterial calcification

Vitamin K may reverse arterial calcification study NutraIngredients.com 4/3/07 "Arterial calcification, a process of hardening of the arteries, may be inhibited and even reversed with supplementation with vitamin K2, suggests an animal study..."high-vitamin K intake (both K1 and K2) not only blocked the progress of further calcium accumulation but also lead to a greater than 37 per cent reduction of previously accumulated arterial calcium precipitates within six weeks."..."In this study, we provide evidence that warfarin-induced medial vascular calcification in rats is preventable or even reversible by high vitamin K intake, with a putative role for the vitamin K-dependent protein MGP"...Although it is well known that MGP (matrix Gla protein) is important in the prevention of calcification, its contribution to regression of arterial calcification is a novel finding."...Our study shows that in an animal model vitamin K can actually regress preformed calcifications. The health implications for humans are significant, and we have previously published research showing that the highest vitamin K2 intake from dietary sources has been linked to significant reductions in vascular calcification compared to those with the lowest K2 intake,"..."

Linus Pauling Inst. has a good primer on vitamin k

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