Thursday, May 31, 2007

Long workouts best for raising HDL

Long workouts best for raising good cholesterol Reuters/Yahoo! News 5/31/07 "People who want to boost their "good" HDL cholesterol levels with exercise will have to put in at least two hours of physical activity each week, an analysis of 25 studies shows...And the longer each exercise session, the greater the effect, Dr. Satoru Kodama... exercisers increased their HDL cholesterol by a modest but significant 2.53 mg/dL, which equates to a roughly 5 percent drop in heart disease risk for men and a nearly 8 percent reduction for women...In order for exercise to have an effect on HDL cholesterol, study participants had to expend at least 900 kilocalories a week in physical activity, equivalent to about 120 minutes of exercise. The researchers also found that the intensity of exercise or the frequency of exercise sessions didn't seem to matter, as long as exercise was performed consistently. However, the length of an exercise session did matter; for every 10 minutes longer a workout session lasted, there was an additional 1.4 mg/dL rise in good cholesterol...exercise had the greatest effect in increasing HDL cholesterol in people with body mass indexes less than 28 and those who had total cholesterol levels of 220 mg/dL or greater."

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