Thursday, May 17, 2007

New information on lipoic acid and aging

Lipoic Acid Explored As Anti-aging Compound ScienceDaily 5/17/07 "..."Our studies have shown that mice supplemented with lipoic acid have a cognitive ability, behavior, and genetic expression of almost 100 detoxification and antioxidant genes that are comparable to that of young animals," Hagen said. "They aren't just living longer, they are living better -- and that's the goal we're after."...the role of lipoic acid is not so much a direct one to benefit cells, but rather an indirect aid that "kick starts" declining function in cells and helps them recover the functions that came more easily and naturally in young animals...lipoic acid appears to help restore a cellular "signaling" process that tends to break down in older blood vessels. It reduces mitochondrial decay in cells, which is closely linked to the symptoms of aging. With age, glutathione levels naturally decline, making older animals more susceptible to both free radicals and other environmental toxins -- but lipoic acid can restore glutathione function to near normal. And the expression and function of other genes seems to come back to life..."We never really expected such a surprising range of benefits from one compound," Hagen said. "This is really unprecedented, and we're pretty excited about it."..."

The evidence for regular supplementation with LA grows. The only side effect I get with LA is back end insomnia (waking up too early and not being able to fall asleep) at doses higher than 50mg. Not sure why, but it always happens. But if I keep it below this I can minimize this minor side effect.

All the basic info plus more at Oregon U. and Linus P. Inst.

And of course you should know about Bruce Ames and his supplement Juvenon. Note the research on B vitamins and aging on Ames' page. Implication that high dose of B vitamins might slow aging.

More on Ames and B vitamins here.

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