Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The many benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have positive effect on muscle mass EurekAlert 5/9/07 "..."Adding fish oil to their diet could prevent this decline by restoring insulin sensitivity in aging animals," suggests the researcher. "In addition, it could contribute to reducing the amount of by-product emissions in the environment, since animals that are given omega-3’s spontaneously eat 10% less food to achieve the same weight gain," points out Thivierge...Restoring insulin sensitivity through the use of marine omega-3 fatty acids could also prevent the loss of muscle mass in older people and, by the same token, prevent the various health problems associated with it, believes Thivierge. She also suggests that omega-3’s could help athletes trying to increase their muscle mass. "However, it should not be seen as a miracle product," she points out. "For increased muscle protein metabolism to take place in people younger than 50, physical training is still required,"..."

Is there no end to the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids? Slows Alzheimers, boosts grey matter in brain, can benefit mood, fights macular disease, helps prevent postpartum depression, makes you lose weight, lowers prostoglandins, inhibits liver cancer, prenatally can protect against breast cancer for daughters, may slow prostate cancer, oh and it also lowers mortality in general, fights heart disease and makes kids smarter. The list goes on.

Question the meta studies to the contrary (ahem BMJ... you might want to revisit topic), omega-3's appear to have shown a clear pattern of health benefits... now we just have to worry about the fish and the depleting stocks. Vegetarian sources of DHA and EPA exist and a combo of these is nearing store shelves last I read. Maybe it's out already? I guess so - here's one company offering it. Can't vouch for them at all though.

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