Friday, December 8, 2006

Body temperature and life extension

Reducing body temperature extends life span of mice Reuters via ABCNews 11/2/06 "Lowering the body temperature of mice extended their life span by up to 20 percent..."We are showing that there is a way to obtain the benefit on life span and aging that are known to be conferred by calorie restrictions without necessarily undergoing calorie restrictions," lead researcher Bruno Conti of the Scripps Research Institute... Median life span in females was extended by about 20 percent and in males by about 12 percent"

If this proves true for us then it appears we have two ways to dramatically extend life, eat hardly a thing, or live cold. Very appealing.

Of course there might be other ways and my hope is that a synthetic version of resveratrol will do the trick and then we get to eat what we like and wear sweaters.

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