Thursday, December 28, 2006

Immune boosting supplements... maybe

For what it's worth...

Supplements the Experts Recommend 11/05 "Andrographis - researchers in Thailand reviewed four studies that included 433 patients and found that andrographis reduced cold symptoms more effectively than placebos did...Astragalus - Researchers at the University of Texas and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center have turned up convincing evidence that astragalus boosts immune responses in lab animals, and in human cells in lab dishes. ...Elderberry - A study conducted by Israeli scientists showed that a commercially available elderberry extract, called Sambucol, can suppress the growth of influenza viruses in lab dishes. The same research team reported that patients given the extract recovered faster. Though no one knows exactly how elderberry works, its potent antioxidants may enhance immune function... Honeysuckle and forsythia - A variety of lab studies show both contain substances that act against viruses...Pelargonium sidoides - Tests in Europe show it may be especially useful against sore throats and bronchitis...Probiotics - German researchers gave 479 volunteers vitamin supplements either with or without probiotics. Those who took the probiotics for at least 3 months reduced the duration of their colds by almost 2 days and the severity of symptoms by about 20 percent..Vitamin C, Zinc”"

If you dig a little into the research for most of these you'll find that it isn't exactly first rate. My experience has been that astragalus and andrographis did not help me. I've never tried honeysuckle or forsythia, or pelargonium sidoides (what a mouthful). I have had luck with probiotics - I think... hard to tell if it is helping or not but I think it is - less colds this year and last and shorter duration. Or could it also be Elderberry? I swig Sambucol like a drunken sailor whenever it seems I have a virus. I think this shortens the duration, or possibly prevents some viruses cold. But I'll never know for sure. I also use Cold FX and I think that helps... maybe. There, that's some mushy science and mushy personal experience that might, or might not help you in this cold and flu season.

I bet good sleep and plenty of vitamin D probably has more positive effect than all the above.

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