Friday, December 8, 2006

Eat slow to eat less

Eating slowly really does make people eat less Reuters via SciAm 12/1/06 "Women consumed about 70 fewer calories when they were told to take their time eating a meal of pasta and sauce, compared to when they were instructed to eat it as quickly as possible. They also rated the meal as more pleasant when they ate slowly.
"They got more pleasure for (fewer) calories, and more satiety for (fewer) calories," Dr. Kathleen Melanson of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston...When eating quickly, the women took in an average of 646 calories in nine minutes. But when they slowed down, they consumed 579 calories in 29 minutes"

It's a very small study, but doesn't it makes sense in your own experience? Eating slowly usually means you eat less. And what it does is to allow for gut hormones leptin, cholecystokinin PYY3-36, etc. to begin signalling a sense of fullness in the brain. Of course try to eat good fresh pizza slow. I challenge you.

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