Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Possible preventitive agent for bird flu

Novel Peptide Targets Viral Cells And May Inhibit Influenza Virus Infection ScienceDaily 12/13/06 "In the study researchers tested the newly identified peptide, EB (entry blocker), for antiviral activity against influenza viruses including the H5N1 strain in mice. Results showed the peptide capable of inhibiting viral attachment to the cellular receptor ultimately preventing infection...(J.C. Jones, E.A. Turpin, H. Bultmann, C.R. Brandt, S. Schultz-Cherry. 2006. Inhibition of influenza virus infection by a novel antiviral peptide that targets viral attachment to cells. Journal of Virology, 80. 24: 11960-11967.)"

Now will it work for humans? Is it safe? Can we mass produce it and how much will it cost? Lots of questions. I hope they get the funding to quickly answer all of these.

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