Saturday, December 23, 2006

DNA damage major cause of aging

Buildup of damaged DNA in cells drives aging EurekAlert! 12/20/06 "The accumulation of genetic damage in our cells is a major contributor to how we age...Findings from this study help to reconcile two conflicting hypotheses currently favored in the field of aging research about why we get old, according to the authors. The first is that our lifespan and how well we age is determined by the genes inherited from our parents. The second is that lifespan and fitness in old age is determined by how much damage we incur over our lifetime...."Our study suggests that both of these hypotheses are correct. Damage, including DNA damage, drives the functional decline we all experience as we age. But how we respond to that damage is determined genetically, in particular by genes that regulate the growth hormone and insulin pathways," said Laura Niedernhofer, M.D., Ph.D. ... "

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