Friday, December 15, 2006

Synthetic marijuana helps cancer patients - also helps symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression

Synthetic marijuana helps cancer patients Reuters via Yahoo!News 12/15/06 "The drug is part of a class known as cannabinoids that are similar to the active ingredient found in naturally occurring cannabis, or marijuana...those treated with the drug experienced significantly more pain reduction than patients treated with standard therapy. Scores for drowsiness, tiredness, appetite and well-being were stable in the Cesamet group, but deteriorated in the non-Cesamet group.
Depression and anxiety were also reduced significantly in the nabilone group, but increased in the non-cannabinoid group..."The findings show how great the potential is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients," said lead investigator Dr. Vincent Maida of the University of Toronto"

The broad spectrum benefits makes you wonder what off prescription uses this medication might find. This was a small study and we'll see in the future if under more rigorous studies it offers such great utility.

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