Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Future cure for alcoholics?

Research Offers Hope For Alcoholics ScienceDaily 12/13/06 "In studies conducted with rats, Dr Andrew Lawrence and his Florey colleagues used a drug that blocked Orexin's euphoric effects in the brain and the results were remarkable. "In one experiment, rats that had alcohol freely available to them stopped drinking it after receiving the Orexin blocker."... "Orexin reinforces the euphoria felt when drinking alcohol, so if a drug can be developed to block the Orexin system in humans, we should be able to stop an alcoholic's craving for alcohol, as well as preventing relapse once the alcoholic has recovered," he said.
Dr Lawrence said that this research could also lead to treatments for eating disorders, such chronic over-eating, which leads to obesity..."Before a therapeutic Orexin-blocking drug can be developed, we need to ensure that it will be safe to use in the long-term and that issues surrounding a person's compliance in taking the drug are considered,""

Obviously the cure will not be around in the next 5 years due to future research and then trials. But maybe within 10yrs. I see research like this and I wonder why we waste money in other areas of government. A few decades ago it used to be that money wasn't necessarily a research accelerator. I don't think that can be said now. Too bad most in the public do not understand this... otherwise reallocation of funds toward research on various diseases might occur and faster progress towards cures.

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