Monday, December 11, 2006

Moderate alcohol use extends life

Those 2 glasses a day that lengthen your life EurekAlert! 12/11/06 "A study performed by the Research Laboratories of the Catholic University of Campobasso (Italy) con-firms the beneficial effects that moderate consumption of alcohol has on our health...drinking in moderation reduces all-cause mortality..."Our data- says Augusto Di Castelnuovo, lead author of the study - show that consumption of little amounts of alcohol leads to a reduction of mortality up to 18%. But after a certain number of glasses things radically change: who drinks too much not only looses this advantage, but increases his own risk of death in relation to the amount of alcohol consumed"...Whereas men report a beneficial effect after consuming 2-4 doses maximum (a dose refers to one glass of wine or beer), women should be aware: for them, the protection guaranteed from alcohol consumption disappears just after two glasses a day"

What's the risk of drinking too much? Well there's always a risk that you will wake up after a bender with your eyebrows shaved off... . Actually you'll be more likely to get liver disease and a variety of cancers. So 2-4 drinks for a man and 2 drinks for a woman is the general rule that this study encourages.

The study indicates that Europeans seem to gain more health benefits from moderate drinking than Americans and that might be because they drink more red wine - although that was not in the purview of the study.

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