Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Capsaicin might halt fight formation

Capsaicin, a Compound in Hot Red Peppers, May Halt Fat Formation WebMD 3/6/07 "Capsaicin, the fiery compound in hot red peppers, may make fledging fat cells self-destruct...But don’t drown your dinner in hot pepper sauce just yet. So far, the Taiwanese team has only pitted capsaicin against fat cells in test tubes, not people...focused on cells called preadipocytes, which develop into fat cells...First, they brewed a capsaicin extract in their lab. Then, they marinated preadipocytes from mice in the capsaicin extract for eight days, freshening the capsaicin extract every other day. The preadipocytes exposed to capsaicin died before becoming fat cells..."

Doesn't hurt to try. Actually capsaicin has shown other health benefits like fighting cancer. But considerably more research will be needed on capsaicin, to state the obvious.

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