Friday, March 30, 2007

Omega-3 Fatty Acid May Protect Heart

EPA, a Fatty Acid in Fish Oil, May Prevent Nonfatal Heart Problems
WebMD 3/29/07 "2.8% of those taking EPA along with statins experienced a major coronary event, compared with 3.5% of those only taking statins...EPA pills weren't linked to any difference in fatal heart attacks or sudden cardiac death...When Yokoyama's team took a closer look at the data, they found the EPA advantage only applied to patients with a known history of coronary artery disease. Patients with high cholesterol but no history of coronary artery disease may also get some heart protection from EPA, but that's not certain..."EPA might affect risk only at very high levels of fish intake, such as those common in Japan," ...Lastly, the researchers note that they only tested EPA pills, not fish or fish oil."

An unusual amount of caveats coming out with this research - still, it made it to the Lancet.

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