Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grape seed extract might protect against skin cancer

Grape seed extract may protect against skin cancer NutraIngredients.com 3/27/07 "Proanthocyanidin-rich extracts from grape seeds may prevent skin cancer by boosting the immune system, says a new study that used hairless mice to model human sun exposure...hairless mice supplemented with proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seed had 65 per cent fewer skin tumours than mice not supplemented with the compounds...The research adds to a small but expanding number of other studies that suggest the grape seed extracts may benefit skin "from within". Indeed, only recently researchers in Germany reported that 42 subjects randomly assigned to receive a daily supplement of Masquelier's Original OPCs (oligomeric proanythocyanidins) Anthogenol (100 mg/day) had reduced reddening of the skin by 13 per cent when exposed to UV radiation ...The new study, led by Santosh Katiyar, supplemented the diet (AIN76A) of SKH-1 hairless mice with grape seed proanthocyanidins (0.2 and 0.5 per cent, w/w) and exposed them to UVB (180 mJ/cm2) radiation to induce skin cancer ...supplementation with the grape seed extracts appeared to reduce the UVB-induced increase in the cytokine interleukin-10 (IL-10), previously reported to suppress immune function...On the other hand, the proanthocyanidin-rich extracts were found to increase the production of IL-12, reported to be a stimulator of the immune system"

MSNBC has Reuters coverage of this

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