Tuesday, March 20, 2007

High fat diet and breast cancer

High-fat diet may increase breast cancer risk Reuters/Yahoo!News 3/20/07 "The findings, reported in the Journal of the National Cancer stem from the National Institutes of Health -AARP Diet and Health Study, in which 188,736 postmenopausal women reported detailed information on their diet in the mid-1990s...Using a more precise 24-hour dietary recall questionnaire, "we found a 32-percent increased risk of breast cancer" among women with a high level of fats in their diet, study chief Dr. Anne C. M. Thiebaut from the National Cancer Institute ...The increased risk of breast cancer associated with a high-fat diet was seen for all types of fat (saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and seemed to be confined to women who were not using hormone replacement therapy at the start of the study. The suggestion that hormone therapy mediates the association between dietary fat intake and risk of breast cancer should be studied further..."other studies have also found these associations; the higher the fat intake, the higher your risk for breast cancer." ...The "modest associations" that have been observed between high-fat diets and increased breast cancer risk "stand in sharp contrast to the robust evidence for a strong link between (body fat) and the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer," write Drs. Stephanie Smith-Warner and Meir Stampfer"

What does the last part mean? Exercise almost every day so that you reduce your body fat levels and you will reduce your chance of getting breast cancer to a significantly greater degree than merely watching your diet. With the contradictory information on fat and breast cancer, exercise seems the more prudent lifestyle change.

Research from last year indicates dietary fat and breast cancer are not linked. Needless to say the final verdict on this subject is far from rendered.

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