Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vitamin D in pregnancy might reduce childhood asthma

Vitamin D in pregnancy may reduce childhood wheeze Reuters/Yahoo!News 3/21/07 "Mothers in the top 25 percent of vitamin D were 61-percent less likely to have a child with recurrent wheeze compared with those in the lowest 25 percent.
For each 100-IU increase in vitamin D, the risk of having a child with recurrent wheeze fell by 19 percent...This benefit was noted whether the vitamin D came from supplements or the diet...In the second study...Compared with the group with the lowest vitamin D levels, women with the highest levels of vitamin D had a 52-percent reduced risk of wheeze and a 65-percent reduced risk of wheeze in the previous year. Vitamin D levels were also associated with reductions in bronchodilator response, which is aggravated in asthma..."Our results are of great public health significance because they could lead to relatively low cost interventions of vitamin D supplementation that would have a large effect on the future prevalence of asthma in children," "

AJCN abstract

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