Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vitamin D linked to lower breast cancer risk

Vitamin D again linked to lower breast cancer risk NutraIngredients.com 3/20/07 "Increased vitamin D levels during youth, from the sun and the diet, may reduce the risk of breast cancer later in life by over 30 per cent...The link between vitamin D intake and protection from cancer dates from the 1940s when Frank Apperly demonstrated a link between latitude and deaths from cancer, and suggested that sunlight gave "a relative cancer immunity."...Significant risk reductions were also observed for increased cod liver oil intake (24 per cent risk reduction), and drinking at least 10 glasses of milk per week was associated with a 38 per cent risk reduction. Similar exposures later in life (ages 20 to 29 while no protective effects from any vitamin D sources were observed for ages 45 to 54..."We found strong evidence to support the hypothesis that vitamin D could help prevent breast cancer. However, our results suggest that exposure earlier in life, particularly during breast development, maybe most relevant," ...The study does have several important limitations, notably being based on recall of dietary habits early in life as well as outdoor exposure, both of which are susceptible to recall errors from the participants"

The last part is important to remember since memory is notoriously faulty. Still, this is in line with previous research on vitamin D and breast cancer. But what's going on with milk? Is this true, or an artifact of false memory? Since most milk still has D2 in it and has for years and this form has recently been proven to be virtually ineffective in our bodies. Or is there something else in milk that helps prevent breast cancer?

NIH has a good site on Vitamin D

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