Monday, March 5, 2007

Whole-Grain Cereals Cut Heart Failure

Benefits Even After Taking Other Heart Risk Factors Into Account WebMD 3/2/07 "Eating seven or more weekly servings of whole-grain breakfast cereal may help men avoid heart failure...Data came from the Physicians' Health Study, which included more than 21,400 male doctors followed for 18 years..."The Physicians' Health Study shows that even in a population with overall healthy behavior, it is possible to see less heart failure in those who eat a whole-grain cereal breakfast," Luc Djousse, MD...Those who reported eating at least seven weekly servings of whole-grain breakfast cereals were 21% less likely to develop heart failure during the study, compared with those who ate no whole-grain breakfast cereals...Those findings take a host of other risk factors into consideration, including blood pressure, physical activity, smoking, BMI (body mass index, which relates height to weight), alcohol consumption, and diabetes..."

No suggested mechanism of action mentioned in the article. This looks like a very solid study - actually any research based on The Physicians Health Study is a gold standard.

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