Wednesday, November 15, 2006

diet, obesity, gum disease and cancer

"How Diet, Obesity And Even Gum Disease May Affect Immune System And Cancer" - Science Daily, 11/15/06

"Can diseased gums increase the risk of pancreatic cancer? Epidemiologists at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston think it could, at least according to the findings of a study analyzing 16 years of health data on more than 52,000 men."

Ok I'll do the Listerine and Sonicare, but I think pancreatic cancer might be better than flossing.

Basically it's more data that inflammation equals a higher chance of cancer. Another argument for aspirin and curcumin.

Also obesity is tied to impaired immune function and greater cancer risk.

"A team of Harvard scientists has peered into 23 years of health data on more than 22,000 physicians and concluded that men who are overweight or obese years before being diagnosed with prostate cancer are more likely to die of the disease than those who are of normal weight. "

Remember the articles a few years back that argued that obesity had no effect on longevity.? It's not looking so good these days.

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