Monday, November 20, 2006

Prenatal DHA for Boost In Babies Intelligence

DHA supplements at pregnancy boost babies' intelligence NutraIngredients 9/1/03 "Researchers in Norway examining the effects of DHA on mental development found that those children whose mothers had a higher intake of DHA during pregnancy scored higher on intelligence and achievement tests at four years of age than those whose mothers took fatty acids not containing DHA...The team found that children born to mothers who had taken the cod liver oil during pregnancy and lactation scored significantly higher (approximately 4.1 points) on the Mental Processing Composite of the K-ABC test compared to children whose mothers had received corn oil"

Full Research Report

The researchers used about 1200mg of DHA daily. This is significantly more than usually recommended. There's a hint in the research that even more is better, but sheesh, how many capsules do these poor women have to swallow?

So again, Choline, DHA and Exercise are potent brain boosters that apparently last a lifetime. Why these aren't getting more press can only be explained in the past by the lack of enough children being born to mothers who had enough of those three.

More on choline here.

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