Thursday, November 16, 2006

Low Folate Diets Tied To Cancer

Low Folate Diets Found To Increase Risk Of Colorectal Cancer - ScienceDaily 11/14/06 "diets low in folate cause colorectal cancer, and follows on the heels of earlier research by the same team that revealed how high folate diets can protect against heart disease"...""None of the mice fed a control diet developed tumours whereas 1 in 4 mice on the folate-deficient diet developed at least one tumour.""..."The study also reveals that folate deficiency causes genes which usually respond to DNA damage to behave abnormally, also contributing to the development of tumours"

Dr. Bruce Ames of Berkeley has been a strong advocate of RDA levels of vitamins and minerals in supplement form. His argument is based on research that shows that deficiencies can lead to long term health problems. This research on folate backs up his position - take a daily RDA multivit supplement.

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